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As an innovative, digital tax consulting firm, KMpro Munich combines excellence, efficiency, and teamwork in consulting and auditing. Our driving principle is to proactively support our clients– nationally and internationally – in rethinking their tax processes, making them more efficient and simpler at the same time, and aligning them to maximize profitability. We think long-term, act with an entrepreneurial mindest and make decisions together with our clients.

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Technology companies

Munich being Germany's "Silicon Valley", has strongly influenced our client base. The local tech sector is dynamic and rapidly growing - which comes with as many challenges as benefits. We support agile tech companies with their questions related to commercial and tax law and have in-depth expertise for international tech companies who face challenges in the current environment of transfer pricing. We have a track record to deliver efficient, fast and practical solutions.

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Start Ups Krypto Bau und Immobilien

That very phase in a founder's journey, when the "innovator" becomes an "entrepreneur" and is required to fulfill their compliance activities - this is where we add value. We truly believe that the biggest lever to maximize potential is for everyone to focus on what they do best - while granting start-ups time & space to focus on their ideas, products or services, we are happily taking care of all accounting and tax-related issues.

We typically jump in at the bootstrapping stage, but we also support VC-funded start-ups and dynamic growth companies (with or without an exit). We have a track record in advising clients in the area of software, sports, foodtech, fintech, and mobility, and support the following topics, usually as an extended part of the team:

  • Preparation of the business plan
  • Selection of the (tax-) appropriate legal form
  • Preparation and partnering during financing rounds and meetings
  • Funding opportunities
  • Preparation of the financial, liquidity and profitability plan
  • Tax advice on internationalization
  • Tax and financial transaction advice
  • Digitalization and automation of bookkeeping processes
  • Comprehensive support for all tax-related issues (annual accounts, tax return, audit) as well as payroll and financial accounting.

As a judge in business plan competitions, Florian Völkner is constantly in touch with various founders and has a deep understanding for their pain points & risks. He equally knows when potential is untapped and drives efficiency as well as the acceleration of growth to add value to the bottom line from day 1.

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By the way: We regularly offer free online and face-to-face events for founders. In our newsletter we inform you about the next event!
Private Equity
Private Equity 1

The most exciting milestones of presence driving are often marked by buy-and-build projects in the private equity industry. For us, being part of such platform projects is particularly interesting, as it requires a wide range of expertise in the area of taxation and commercial law. We support both, holding structures with management partnerships and operational buy-and-build corporations and a team of experts will be put together depending on the specifications of each individual case. Cooperation and communication within and across teams typically takes place through common, dedicated interfaces. Efficiency and accuracy are crucial drivers in these projects and the basis of our daily work.

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Wholesale business

Is your company importing and/or exporting goods or services? Do you have subsidiaries abroad or joint venture partners in other countries? We optimize your tax related data streams - we start by looking after your VAT Reporting or Intrastat reports, but we are also happy to advise you on your international organizational structure and speciall topics of interest such as transfer pricing. Our experts in the wholesale sector are looking forward to decomplex your international go-to-market activites.

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Tax advice for influencers, streamers & insta-stars
Steuerberatung influencer

Working around the world? Being your own boss, independent of location and time? TikTok, YouTube, Twitch - defining where the magic happens?

New, exciting professions have proven to come with some tax-related specifics that require attention - but they are easy & quickly to solve if you know where to start looking.

We have been advising and supporting national and international clients with new careers since 2017 and have the right answers to the following tax-related questions:

Revenue: How do I declare tax revenue from partnerships (products and goods / gifts), product placement, affiliate revenue, Google AdSense, bartering (free dinner for an Instagram post), merchandise, royalties, shoots, subscriptions, etc.?
Operating expenses: What purchases can I deduct from my income?
Travel costs: What travel costs are tax-relevant?
Startup: What legal form and type of business is suitable for me and what do I need to consider?
Trade tax / delimitation question: Do I generate income from a trade or from self-employment?

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Start Ups Krypto Bau und Immobilien

Cryptocurrencies are getting more and more established as an investment option - for private individuals and companies likewise, we offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Relevant expert opinions
  • Proper declaration of income from cryptocurrencies
  • Tax classification of profits from trading and mining with cryptocurrencies
  • Representation of your interests in front of the tax office and the tax court.

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Construction and real estate
Start Ups Krypto Bau und Immobilien

Project developer, general contractor or housing cooperative? The planning and implementation of your projects is certainly influenced by many bureaucratic hurdles - our experts are familiar with taxation challenges in the construction and real estate sector and support you in the successful implementation of your projects.

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Foundations can preserve wealth over generations, but the path to establishing a foundation should be carefully considered. Whether a nonprofit or a family foundation, our team is happy to handle the founding, structuring, and all associated services for you.

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  • "KMpro is a certified Personio partner and a pioneer in the industry as a digital tax consulting firm. They support you as a client to make your human resources and billing processes more digital and efficient!"
    Martin Wagner, Senior Partner Development Manager
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  • "KMpro is a dynamic, digital, and forward-thinking tax firm that adds value to their client’s bottom line. Modern and digitally savvy accountants and tax advisors are important partners for us because they are key to digitalizing their client’s financial processes. Together with KMpro, we want to continue to make clients happy and set up their accounting processes in the best possible way."
    Nico Mutisse, Business Developer Candis
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