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What does digitalization mean in the context of taxation and accounting?

Scanning and uploading invoices and receipts for further processing by the tax advisor? That may have been the beginnings. We consider ourselves as an innovative, digital partner for the automation and digitalization of all business-, accounting-, and tax-relevant processes - both internally and with our clients!
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Digital Communication

We are proud to say that we have been working 100% paperless since 2015. Our exchange with clients, starting with the provision of documents for financial accounting, to the digitally signed annual financial statement, is 100% digital, wherever legally allowed. We do not accept folders stuffed with paper, but we gladly help to prevent accumulating dead trees in the first place.
Save storage space - create space for prettier shelf fillers!!

Our exchange with the tax authorities is also 100% digital: through the DATEV Cloud application "DATEV Kommunikation Finanzverwaltung", we ensure a fast and efficient provision of various data and information. We can also view and further process income tax assessments that are announced electronically here.
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Digital financial accounting

With “DATEV Unternehmen Online”, we control all processes for the digital exchange of data, receipts and documents - easy, audit-proof and compliant with data protection regulations.

Furthermore, we are a competent partner for your digital interfaces / pre-capture systems, such as for digital travel expense accounting, digital invoice entry and approval, online payment service providers, online stores, etc.. We are in regular exchange with our partners in order to constantly improve digital workflows.

If required, we also develop our own interfaces with clients to enable an efficient and thus cost-effective path from the pre-entry system to the accounting system.

By the way: In order to be able to recommend an individually suitable interface solution to our clients, we continuously analyze (new) interface providers and so-called satellite solutions around the DATEV world in our specially developed evaluation matrix.
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Digital payroll accounting

We transmit all data to the appropriate tax and social security authorities 100% digital.

In addition, we use DATEV Arbeitnehmer online to digitalize the collaboration between employer and employee as well as their payroll internally.

Payrolls are made available to your employees digitally. Payroll reports and export for salary payments are provided in conjunction with DATEV Unternehmen-Online. This allows us to guarantee a digital workflow for monthly payroll from start to the end.
In the area of digitalization of HR processes, we work closely with the market leader and are happy to support you in the implementation of interfaces.

Digital transformation of business models

Digital business and transaction models go beyond and no longer require a physical presence in a country for local commercialization and sales of products or services. Having said this: The enormous lever of digitalization and internationalization faces a complex tax landscape. We support our clients in identifying and managing financial and tax risks and collaborate with experienced partners in many countries. The same applies for clients who want to establish a German inbound business: we gladly support your operations and are available remotely and digitally.
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Digitization of financial, business and corporate processes

We advise clients from a wide range of industries on the analysis, optimization and digitization of their internal and external processes. This ranges from general documentation processes, the digitization of financial and tax-relevant interfaces, and the creation of procedural documentation. This not only means an enormous simplification in daily handling, but is in many cases also the basis for the automation of planning processes, controlling and reporting.

We create procedural documentation using our standardized process to map the digital process landscape in financial accounting. Only with the help of audit-proof procedural documentation can companies become completely paperless. Incidentally, this is also the basis for establishing a "tax compliance management system" (TCMS).

In-house development of digital solutions

Whenever customization is required, we gladly invest time in the independent development of innovative applications - ranging from our bot for the new property tax to complex reporting solutions and automation of internal processes.

Consulting on interfaces in the field of e-commerce

We advise our clients, especially in the selection and connection, on interfaces between payment service providers and shop systems and the dominant system DATEV.
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  • "As a young tax assistant, I place a strong emphasis on my employer having a forward-thinking mindset, mutual respect and support among colleagues. KMpro is a modern tax consulting firm that fully understands the concept of New Work, particularly digitalization, flat hierarchies and flexibility, also in the context of working hours. This sets KMpro apart from other tax companies."
    Luisa Troidl, Tax Assistant
    (at KMpro since May 2021)
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  • "KMpro is a certified Personio partner and a pioneer in the industry as a digital tax consulting firm. They support you as a client to make your human resources and billing processes more digital and efficient!"
    Martin Wagner, Senior Partner Development Manager
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  • "In addition to many great qualities of KMpro and the team, I particularly appreciate the flexibility and openness of the company‘s leadership team. External circumstances, such as Corona, inflation or even personal circumstances, are taken care of immediately – and by introducing flexible working hours, 100% working from home and even a four-day work-week, I consider KMpro as a pioneer and a truly innovative employer."
    Gedeon Wolhorn, Tax Assistant
    (at KMpro since September 2015)
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  • "KMpro is a dynamic, digital, and forward-thinking tax firm that adds value to their client’s bottom line. Modern and digitally savvy accountants and tax advisors are important partners for us because they are key to digitalizing their client’s financial processes. Together with KMpro, we want to continue to make clients happy and set up their accounting processes in the best possible way."
    Nico Mutisse, Business Developer Candis
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  • "From the very beginning at KMpro, I had the feeling that I had found my "home". You learn something new every day, colleagues help each other out, and "learning by doing" is encouraged. I particularly like that KMpro is a completely digital tax firm and potential career paths are shown and supported."
    Ando Rakotozafy, Trainee tax clerk
    (At KMpro since August 2021 )
    Werde Teil des Teams
  • "Already during my training as a tax clerk, I got to know and appreciate the corporate culture of the KMpro group, their openness to new ways of thinking, and the support required to excel. By getting the support of the leadership team when taking my next step, that is, a dual study program in my desired city of Munich, I knew that KMpro is still the right partner for a successful professional future."
    Sophie Kreitinger, Assistant tax consultant / tax assistant
    (At KMpro since September 2017 )
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  • "I can highly recommend KMpro as an employer because flat hierarchies are not only lived but promoted, they are truly modern and, as a nice bonus, conveniently located in the heart of Munich. The leadership team as well as my colleagues always have an open ear for new ideas and opinions. I also appreciate the company's benefits 😉."
    Irem Uslu, Office Management
    (At KMpro since Januar 2022)
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  • "Those who act while others are still talking are always a great step ahead"
    John F. Kennedy

    What I enjoy most at KMpro is that we tackle projects and issues as a team, including both my colleagues and our clients, developing solutions together and, most importantly, actually implementing them.
    Manuela Feig, Tax consultant
    (At KMpro since Oktober 2020)
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  • "KMpro has given me the ideal preparation for the tax advisor exam by involving me in all relevant areas of tax consulting. The collaboration with my colleagues and also with the leadership team, are based on direct, transparent communication and create a great atmosphere at work. I also appreciate the working method, KMpro‘s solution-oriented approach to consulting and the added value it creates for clients."
    Lukas Just, Tax consultant
    (At KMpro since Oktober 2020)
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  • "KMpro offers a broad field of competences and expertise, based on a 100% digital and solution-oriented approach. I have space for my personal and professional development, I appreciate communication with everyone at eye level as well as the strong awareness for a good work-life balance. To me personally, this is a great foundation for a successful cooperation.“
    Armin Inselsperger, Tax Consultant
    (At KMpro since Oktober 2020)
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